Custom made

Crystal glass – A timeless symbol of appreciation Marco Lopulalan is perfectly capable as a master glass blower to put the identity of your company or your relationship in glass. By adding recognition and emotion, he ensures that your business gift gets a personal touch. 

The variation in designs is endless; from thin-walled to solid, from sleek to organic, from transparent to colourful and from functional to decorative Of course it is possible to apply your logo, family coat or other personal image by hand by means of a decorative operation.


What are the possibilities?

  • Personal Glassware, designed exclusively for / by you.  The most famous glassware Marco has blown is the glassware for HRH Willem – Alexander and HMK Maxima.
  • Chalice or Bokaal – a special gift for your business partner or esteemed colleague.
  • Urn – Cherish the ashes of your loved one, at home, in your own way.
  • Award – At events, a glass object is a timeless symbol of appreciation. Marco is happy to look at your wishes together with your organisation. Because of his large network of designers, it is always possible to seek external advice. The costs depend on the circulation and the degree of difficulty.

More information

Please contact us for more information. Ask your question in an email send to If you prefer, we can also make an appointment to meet.